Investment Specialist

About the Employer
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Job Description

  • Assumes primary account responsibility and relationship responsibility for assigned key accounts
  • Reviews and/or approves covenant compliance reports, waivers and amendments, annual reviews, ratings, valuation reports, exit proposals and other documents in connection with primary or secondary account relationships; and
  • Performs, if assigned by Director PSPM, the role of director on the board of certain ADB investee companies representing ADB’s interest in accordance with the principles of sound corporate governance.
  • Oversees the monitoring of the financial health and development impact of the portfolio, ensuring that key issues like portfolio and prudential exposure limits are considered and strategic objectives are attained;
  • Monitors periodic review and progress reporting of project implementation, compliance with financial covenants, compliance with environmental and social safeguards standards;
  • Monitors payment of fees, loan servicing, receipt of income/dividends from equity investment and equity divestment;
  •  Monitors the tools being used for financial analysis, risk evaluation and review, and measures to mitigate the identified risks
  • Monitors PSOD’s portfolio in terms of composition, size, quality, concentration risk, diversification, credit quality migration, valuation movements, and other criteria;